The ELEC825 brings together a cavalcade of professionals from the union and construction industry, policy wonks, business experts, strategic communicators and grassroots community activists to deliver for members and contractors.

ELEC825 Leaderships consists of…..

Greg Lalevee
Greg LaleveeELEC825 Chairman

ELEC825 Chairman Greg Lalevee is the Business Manager of IUOE Local 825 and also serves as a Vice President of the IUOE’s General Executive Board.

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Mark Longo
Mark LongoELEC825 Director

Mark Longo brings more than 20 years in government affairs and building trades public affairs experience to the ELEC825 organization.

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Kate Gibbs
Kate GibbsDeputy Director

Kate Gibbs joined ELEC825 in 2014 after 5 years as Executive Director & Fundraiser for a successful political organization & consultant for a statewide trade association.

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Daniel Ortega
Daniel OrtegaCommunity Affairs

Daniel Ortega joined the ELEC825 staff in October 2014. Prior to joining ELEC825, he served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia of Hoboken and as a Field Coordinator for Compassion and Choices of Camden.

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Gina Sullivan
Gina SullivanBusiness Development

Gina Sullivan focuses on the Market Recovery grant program and works directly with our signatory contractors who utilize the program. She brings a wide-array of experience to labor-management fund. Gina previously worked for a member of the New Jersey General Assembly and holds a Bachelor’s as well as a Master’s Degree in Labor Studies from Rutgers University.

Michael Makarski
Michael MakarskiExternal Affairs

Michael Makarski is one of the nation’s leading external affairs, strategic outreach and communications professionals working today. He brings a wealth of experience across a variety of communications, outreach and public policy disciplines.

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In 2010, the major building contractor associations in New Jersey and New York joined together with IUOE Local 825 to form a collaborative labor-management organization to support their common interests in expanding work opportunities for their memberships.

ELEC825 members consist of the following organizations:

ELEC825 works to expand economic development and stimulate growth working with chambers of commerce, business partnerships, professional associations and industry coalitions to support policies, legislation and regulations that encourage responsible economic development.

In addition, we:

  • Help developers advance their plans through the maze of regulations and approvals.
  • Assist contractors in pursuit of bids.
  • Reimburse Local 825 members for certain licenses and security clearances so they are ready to work at a moment’s notice.
  • Advocate for economic development, investments in infrastructure and elevating construction industry standards.

Examples of ELEC825 Advocacy and Public Education Campaigns


One of the best ways to gain first-hand knowledge of existing or proposed projects is to become acquainted with the principals behind them.

ELEC825’s staff members maintain active participation with many of these groups, including the following:

Chambers of Commerce & Business Organizations

Coalition and Trade Associations

Governmental Associations