Operating Engineers move the equipment that moves mountains – and the Engineers Labor-Employer Cooperative (ELEC) puts them to work building the most essential projects for our region’s transportation, energy, and water infrastructure.

ELEC promotes economic development, infrastructure investment, and construction industry education to provide opportunities for developers, union contractors, and members of Local 825. By working together, our members improve the economy, create good-paying jobs, and overhaul the critical infrastructure systems throughout New Jersey and New York State.

At ELEC, we build the future.

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ELEC825 brings a 21st century approach to the issues faced by organized labor. Our labor-management team tackles a diverse portfolio of issues – big and small – in order to advance the priorities of operating engineers and the signatory contractors who employ them. 

Roadway Infrastructure

Ensure continued growth and prosperity by rebuilding our crumbling roads, repairing failing bridges, replacing inadequate overpasses, and expanding mass transit systems.


Water Infrastructure

Invest in clean water by replacing our crumbling waterways, addressing combined water and sewer systems, mitigating flooding, and providing a path to a sustainable future.


Energy Needs

Keep the lights on during storms with a diverse energy mix that capitalizes on  abundant, affordable sources of energy while we build a bridge to our clean energy future.


Safety Efforts

Raise the industry standards for safety, performance, and training to provide the best workforce for our contractors, developers, and municipal partners.


Economic Development

Adopt a new approach for responsible municipal development that puts our members to work. ELEC825 is proud to be leading the charge.


Legislative Activities

Advocate for laws, regulations, and ordinances in the halls of congress, state houses, and municipal government that protect our members and give contractors a level playing field.



ELEC825 is helping contractors get the competitive edge to win bids and put members to work. Here are just some of the many examples where we helped grow our influence and union market share in key market segments.



“They are a true champion for bipartisan solutions to New Jersey’s biggest challenges – our infrastructure, our economy, and more. ELEC is a valuable ally in the fight to make our state a better place to live and work. I’m proud to work with ELEC and across the aisle to catalyze our economy with smart infrastructure improvements in energy, water, transit, and more.”

Steven V. Oroho, NJ State Senator

“No matter how market trends change, the ability to be competitive is always the number one issue. Utilizing the market recovery program has allowed me to win site-package work on logistic warehouse construction and underground utility opportunities up and down the state.”

Thomas Vollers, Vollers Excavating & Construction

“The unique nature of Orange County – both rural and suburban – could prove to be challenging for the most equipped of advocates. The ELEC truly has a mastery of what it takes to navigate our market. They have been true business partners and their hard work is already paying dividends for regional economic development.”

Maureen Halahan, Orange County Partnership

“In a short time, the ELEC team has made a tremendous impact in our business community for the better. They bring an unrivaled knowledge of the local market place and have been steadfast advocates for the benefits of union labor on the overall economy of South Jersey. I’m proud to be a valued partner.”

Christina Renna, Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey

“Managing the local government process can bring a host of challenges to see a project go from concept to shovel in ground to ribbon cutting. A partner to help within the community and educate the public on positive elements and long-term benefits is essential. ELEC has been that partner for the city and my administration.”

Ravinder Bhalla, Mayor, Hoboken New Jersey
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