IUOE Local 825 Members

ELEC825 was created to provide a steady flow of work and related benefits for members of IUOE Local 825. Local 825 and its union contractors found common ground to expand development and work opportunities for Local 825 Operating Engineers.

By promoting new construction projects and pursuing areas of construction previously underserved by union contractors, ELEC825 helps to expand the number of opportunities beneficial to Operating Engineers.

We partner with business and professional organizations and advocate for policies, legislation and regulations that create work opportunities for the construction trades and their contractors. Our efforts have helped initiate major bridge-building projects, win approval for pipeline construction and authorize large-scale urban redevelopment programs.

For reimbursement information, please contact ELEC825’s Member Relations representative, Jen Rachaner at (973) 630-1010.

IUOE Local 825 Member Reimbursements
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