From newspapers to municipal groups to business groups to fiscal conservative groups, there is broad support for putting NJ’s Transportation Trust Fund in a lockbox by voting YES on Public … Read More

As published in the Asbury Park Press:
“Now that Gov. Chris Christie, the Senate and the Assembly have joined together on a bipartisan compromise to reauthorize the Transportation Trust … Read More

“Supporters of the constitutional dedication it’s the only way to make sure the money isn’t diverted away from the state’s more than 30-year-old Transportation Trust Fund since governors from both … Read More

The Star-Ledger Editorial Board has written a strong endorsement for Public Question 2, arguing that a vote YES protects the newly increased gas tax from legislative skimming and interference.
“the need … Read More

First opened on October 25, 1931, the George Washington Bridge literally changed how people traveled to New York City and helped launch an economic boom in Bergen County. It is … Read More

On November 8, New Jersey voters will be given an opportunity to protect the Transportation Trust Fund and make sure that gas taxes are put in a lockbox … Read More

After decades of neglecting our roads and bridges and putting NJ’s infrastructure on a credit card, we finally have funding of the Transportation Trust Fund that is an investment in New … Read More

“The news that Legislative leaders and the Governor have come to an agreement to fund the Transportation Trust Fund is a welcome and much needed relief for New Jersey’s workers, … Read More

In what may be the most complete and comprehensive study to date, the Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center (VTC) at Rutgers University has released, “The Cost of Roadway Construction, … Read More

In less than two minutes, this video from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) explains why investing in infrastructure is cheaper than ignoring it:… Read More

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