#TBT Can You Name This Town?

//#TBT Can You Name This Town?

#TBT Can You Name This Town?

Does this place look familiar?
Need a hint?

This photo was taken in 1940.

That traffic circle on the left no longer exists.

The highway on the left goes all the way from Key West Florida to the Canadian border in Maine.

Two members of Bon Jovi are from here.

Two NJ governors are from here.

Give up?

It’s Woodbridge Township in 1940, where US 1 and US 9 split just north of Woodbridge Center:

As you can see, the traffic circle is gone, as are the open fields, replaced by houses on the north side of US 1 (top left of photo) and shopping centers in the triangle of the US 1, US 9, and the rail line to the south (bottom of photo). Woodbridge Center is just south of the train line.
Woodbridge Township has certainly grown since 1940, thanks to a booming post-war economy and investments in infrastructure to support that growth.

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