As the Gilligan’s Island theme song goes, “No phone, no lights, no motorcars…like Robinson Caruso, it’s as primitive as can be.” Sadly, this is not a catchy television theme song any longer but rather the misguided vision for New Jersey that our friends of EmpowerNJ, the super group formed by the Garden State’s enviro-lobbyists.

Their latest attack is on the Turnpike Authority and South Jersey Transportation Authority capital programs to repair some of our most traveled roads – some of which 50% of out of state travelers use on a daily basis. And it is the most misinformed yet.

Mark Longo, Director, ELEC825

Due to two-generations of poor planning and policy – our roads, bridges and other infrastructure was ignored. We are left with no choice but to fix our travel ways before something tragic takes place. Let’s not let facts get in the way of a good story, I guess?

These same enviro-influence peddlers are pushing for 300,000 electric vehicles that will not pay anything towards roadway maintenance. Use the roads and not pay for their upkeep sounds like a nice gig if you can get it!

While we all support an increase in public transportation funding, the facts there are simple as well. New Jersey is a drive first state, especially in our western and southern rural regions. I don’t believe the suggestion of “instead of building roads we should be laying tracks” would go over very well in our pristine farmland.

The road to economic recovery begins with infrastructure investment. Smart investments for the present while developing the technology of future (instead of relying on ones that don’t exist yet) is how we dig our way back.

Mark Longo
Director, ELEC825