“Let’s say you get on the train from Princeton to New Brunswick today…That’s 16 miles. It takes you 20 minutes by train. All of a sudden there’s delays and they can’t get on that train, so they hop in their car. That’s 45 minutes today. You put all of the people on the road that are currently on those trains, you’re talking an hour to an hour-and-a-half to go 16 miles. We cannot as a state function if we are taking our commuting times and doubling and tripling them because we don’t have capacity.”

Cathleen Lewis, AAA New Jersey Automobile Club

AAA Director of public affairs and government relations Cathleen Lewis, whose job is to represent the interests of drivers, brings up some great points in this story about the symbiotic relationship between mass transit and automobile travel. Simply put, more people on mass transit means fewer people crowding our roads, bridges, and tunnels, and investments in mass transit benefit drivers as well as commuters.
So whether you hop on a train, jump on a bus, or get behind the wheel of a car every morning, you should pay close attention to what is happening to the two rail tunnels beneath the Hudson River and proposals to add new tunnels to our region’s infrastructure.
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