“One of the region’s critical major infrastructure projects has, however, languished for years: a new Hudson River rail tunnel. Acknowledged as a national priority, the rail tunnel connects New Jersey with New York. More importantly, it is the linchpin for Amtrak’s entire 457 mile-long Northeast Corridor route that is used by 750,000 passengers daily and serves eight states and the District of Columbia. The existing 105-year-old rail tunnel has been deteriorating for years and is now well beyond critical in its need for repair. Superstorm Sandy damage severely exacerbated the situation.”

Governors Christie and Cuomo have sent a letter to President Obama with a proposed funding plan for the much needed Amtrak Gateway project. With memories of this summer’s train delays still fresh, we hope that this a positive step towards addressing the transportation challenges facing the region.
Read the letter here: http://www.state.nj.us/governor/news/news/552015/pdf/20150915a.pdf