ELEC, is a labor-management organization that promotes economic development, investments in infrastructure and construction to provide opportunities for developers, union contractors and members of Operating Engineers Local 825.

We find common ground with chambers of commerce, business partnerships, professional associations and industry coalitions to support policies, legislation and regulations that encourage responsible economic development and stimulate growth.

Our efforts continue to build on the record of quality and safety in construction that has come to define work performed by Local 825 Operating Engineers and its signatory contractors.



Permits public-private partnership agreements for certain building and highway infrastructure projects; provides for EDA oversight. "This bill permits certain government entities to enter into public-private partnership agreements with private entities for undertaking certain building and highway infrastructure projects, and provides for oversight of these agreements by the New Jersey Economic Development ...


 1.   a.  The Legislature finds and declares that: (1) Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing the State today and in the future.  Reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, other greenhouse gases, and other pollutants by preserving and expanding zero-emission electricity generation within and outside the State is critical to ...