“Well, I can honestly say I don’t think of any group that could be more affected by a change in that policy than farmers, who put their whole life stock-and-trade … Read More

If you haven’t heard the news, there’s been a lot of talk about New Jersey’s nearly-bankrupt Transportation Trust Fund (TTF). The TTF provides critical funding for infrastructure around the state, … Read More

New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the nation with some of the oldest roads, bridges, tunnels, and rails around. We’re also an impatient bunch and want our … Read More

Reversing the decline in state investment in transportation, public buildings, water treatment systems, and other forms of vital infrastructure is key to creating good jobs and promoting full economic recovery … Read More

Mayors across the U.S. say they worry about their cities’ aging infrastructure and they’d like more state and federal support, according to a survey released Wednesday.
If you’ve ever driven through … Read More

Californians are paying less in gas taxes, and much less at the pump, as oil prices have plummeted. While that may pad drivers’ wallets, the result could be what officials … Read More

Does this place look familiar?

Need a hint?

This photo was taken in 1940.

That traffic circle on the left no longer exists.

The highway on … Read More

New Jersey last year was once again one of the 10 worst states in the nation in the percentage of deficient bridges as more than one-third of Garden State spans … Read More

Can you name this bridge?

PHOTOS: New Jersey State Archives, Department of State



Need a hint?

It was completed in 1940

It carries over 82,000 vehicles per day

It was named after a famous inventor

It’s … Read More

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