SWAC: Secure Worker Access Consortium

The Secure Worker Access Consortium (SWAC) is a unique cooperative security program that enables the effective and efficient screening of individuals who require access to secure areas or confidential information.

SWAC successfully meets the challenges of Personal Identity Verification (PIV) for contracted workers to help ensure they are known, well-trained, and have a threat-free history in accordance with federal standards. For more information on SWAC credentialing, visit our SWAC Info page.

How to Get Your Reimbursement

All you need to do is submit a copy of your new license or credential and your proof of payment receipt.


Frequently Asked Questions about SWAC

Q. Why does ELEC825 provide this reimbursement benefit for these credentials?
A. By helping our members bear these costs, we ensure that a standing workforce of Operating Engineers is available for work at a moment's notice. This gives you an advantage over workers who have not obtained a credential, and it gives Local 825 an advantage by making us more attractive to employers who need to start work immediately.

Q. Where do I go to apply for SWAC credentials?
A. You may:

  1. Contact the SWAC office directly at 877-522-SWAC (7922) or by Email at info@secureworker.com.
  2. Visit the SWAC website.
  3. Enroll online, using the SWAC Application Wizard.
  4. Download a SWAC Application here.

Q. What items of identification must I bring?
A. Please see the SWAC Info page.

Q. Does ELEC825 reimburse Local 825 members for any other licenses?
A. Yes. The ELEC Trust Fund will reimburse members who are employed by participating employers for specified professional licenses, such as:

  1. TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential), which is required by the Maritime Transportation Security Administration (MTSA).
  2. Commercial Crane Operators (CCO) license in New Jersey and New York.
  3. Commercial Drivers License (CDL).
  4. Delaware Valley Safety Card, also known as the South Jersey Chemical Card -- This is required to ensure the protection of public health and safety around chemical plants by screening and credentialing anyone who works on any of the chemical plants in South Jersey.

SWAC also provides its own comprehensive information and list of Frequently Asked Questions, which may be of interest to you. To download, click here.

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