OECP: IUOE Operating Engineers Certification Program


Crane Operator Certification is the process used to evaluate a crane operator's knowledge and skills with crane operations, procedures, safety, and regulations. This certification process consists of a written and practical (hands-on) examination.

The certification process is open to all members in good standing of the IUOE who meet the eligibility requirements. It will require knowledge and skills of crane operations to successfully complete the process.

Exams are conducted by a third-party, independent, and impartial chief examiner, who is responsible for conducting all of the written and practical examinations. This assures that there is no conflict of interest or favoritism during the examination process.

For information on how to receive OECP certification, contact the Local 825 Training Center.

You may also contact the Local 825 Training Center if you require resource (study) material, information regarding training/refresher classes, or practice on practical examination equipment.

How to Get Your Reimbursement

All you need to do is submit a copy of your new license or credential and your proof of payment receipt.

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