NJTTF Funding for Hunterdon County, 2014-2016

New Jersey’s Transportation Trust Fund provides millions in grants to counties and municipalities for local infrastructure projects. That’s why the NJ State League of Municipalities, representing municipalities around the state, said, “The replenishment of the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) remains a top priority for the League…The TTF has been a major source of funding for local transportation projects for almost thirty years.” [Source]

Without TTF funds, municipalities would be forced to either cancel/postpone local infrastructure projects or look for alternative means of funding, including raising property taxes.

Here is a sortable and searchable list of projects from 2014-2016 and represents over $7.7 Million in NJ TTF aid for Hunterdon County. See how NJTTF is helping you and your loved ones get to school, work, and about town quickly and safely:

The importance of a modern and safe infrastructure to local communities cannot be understated. We all have a road or a bridge near us that was once old, poorly maintained, and unsafe and is now smooth, brighter, and safer thanks to the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund.

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