#NJTTF Cartoons

A Bankrupt Transportation Trust Fund is No Laughing Matter

Make no mistake: an unfunded or underfunded Transportation Trust Fund will have dire consequences for the state. Roads will get worse. Bridges will continue to deteriorate (heaven forbid one should collapse with people on it!), commutes will get longer. And longer. And longer. Not only that, but a crumbling infrastructure is a giant wet blanket on the economy because businesses, developers, and financial institutions don’t want to invest in a state that won’t invest in itself.

How do we avoid this calamity? Simple: speak up. Let your friends, family, legislators, the media, and others know that you know what’s up, and that you want our elected leaders to do what we elected them to do: lead us to a stronger, safer, more prosperous New Jersey.

Share these cartoons with everyone you know. Let’s do this.

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