“This bill requires workers who are subject to “The Public Works Contractor Registration Act” to have completed or be actively participating in a registered apprenticeship program.

 Under the bill, a registered apprenticeship program means an apprenticeship program that is registered with and approved by the United States Department of Labor and provides the trainee with combined classroom and on-the-job training in an occupation recognized as a trade and meets the program standards of enrolment and graduation under the Code of Federal Regulations.”


2018-10-17 Passed Senate and Assembly Labor Committee

Senate Sponsors

  • Fred H. Madden, Jr.
  • Joseph A. Lagana
  • Dawn Marie Addiego
  • Joseph F. Vitale

Assembly Sponsors

  • Wayne DeAngelo
  • Eric Houghtaling
  • Yvonne Lopez

“Apprenticeship programs are valuable to ensuring those contracted to work have the required knowledge and skills to efficiently and safely complete the jobs taken on…Whatever steps that can be taken to create confidence in the quality of work should be taken and this legislation accomplishes that.”

Senator Madden (D-Camden/Gloucester)

“Workers that possess the required skills to perform contracted work with the Department of Labor and Workforce Development should have a federally registered apprenticeship under their belt…This guarantees they have the skill-level and training required to effectively take on work.”

Senator Lagana (D-Bergen/Passaic)

“Anyone working a contracted job with tax dollars dispensed should have the experience of a federally registered apprenticeship on their resume…It is our responsibility to tax payers to employ the best to maintain our communities.”

Senator Joseph F. Vitale (D-Middlesex)