Market Recovery Program Grant Process & Legal Requirements, Cranes & Equipment Rental

The following steps must be taken to apply for a Market Recovery Program (MRP) grant.

Step 1 

The contractor identifies a market segment (i.e., cell towers, modular homes, HVAC, concrete pumping, etc…) to be considered for market recovery grant funding and contacts Kate Gibbs at ELEC825 who will verify that the contractor is in good-standing with Local 825 and the funds office. Once verified, the contractor will complete a pre-approval application to be forwarded to the Local 825 Business Manager.

Step 2

Local 825 Business Manager will determine if the market segment identified meets market recovery criteria.

Step 3

If this segment is approved, the Business Manager will specify a total amount available for specific projects within that market segment to be spent within the fiscal quarter or year.

Step 4

Once approved, ELEC825 will send written notice of approval, letter of commitment and subsidy agreement. The subsidy agreement should be signed and returned to ELEC825 within 10 business days.

Step 5

Contractors will then submit weekly reports indicating the specific projects intended for subsidization, the bid status of any pending projects, as well as weekly hour reports.

Step 6

Payment of subsidies will be dispersed on a monthly basis for those projects completed within the previous month to contractors in good standing with Local 825 and the Funds Office at the time of grant approval and prior to fund disbursement.

Legal Requirements

In order to specifically address the needs of the crane and equipment rental industries, we have created a new streamlined program which allows a contractor to be pre-approved for a determined total amount for specific project types in order to allow for quick turn around on bids while utilizing market recovery grant subsidies to bid more competitively.

In addition to the more flexible pre approval process, the rental program can be utilized for Public and non-public projects however, subsidies shall not be applied towards the payment of wages and benefits for construction work performed on a public project under any circumstances. For all public projects (whether pre-approved or submitted by an Employer), the subsidies shall only be used to cover ancillary costs, such as travel costs for an operating engineer to deliver a crane to a jobsite and other delivery costs.

There must be non-union bidding on the project.

Contact ELEC825 about the Market Recovery Program

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