Does this place look familiar?

Need a hint?

This photo was taken in 1940.

That traffic circle on the left no longer exists.

The highway on … Read More

New Jersey last year was once again one of the 10 worst states in the nation in the percentage of deficient bridges as more than one-third of Garden State spans … Read More

Can you name this bridge?

PHOTOS: New Jersey State Archives, Department of State



Need a hint?

It was completed in 1940

It carries over 82,000 vehicles per day

It was named after a famous inventor

It’s … Read More


Midland Park sinkhole
— Brian McCourt (@brianrun26) February 26, 2016

Safety isn’t free. Every day, bridge and road inspectors fan out across … Read More

For state taxpayers, the news underscores that the more than $1 billion transportation trust fund, which pays for capital projects, is approaching insolvency.

This is not a manufactured controversy. New Jersey’s … Read More

Despite the fact that:

NJ’s gas tax is one of the lowest in the nation,
Has not been raised since 1989, and
Gas is cheaper than it’s been in years, … Read More

In the Northeast Corridor (NEC), Amtrak is the short-trip mode of choice. Between New York and Boston, more people travel by rail than by air; between New York and Washington, … Read More

Nearly 10% of the country’s bridges – 58,495 out of 609,539 – were considered structurally deficient last year and needed repairs, the American Road and Transportation Builders Association reported Thursday…. Read More

The last time the gas tax was raised in 1988, torn and bleached jeans and Ray Ban aviator sunglasses were hot and George Michael’s “Faith” was the number … Read More

”Traffic is like cholesterol in the arteries of commerce; it threatens jobs and economic growth…The Transportation Trust Fund is going to keep our arteries flowing freely and keep our economy … Read More

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