Submit Your Reimbursement

Local 825 and ELEC825 encourages its members to obtain and maintain all licenses and clearances so that they will be ready to work when called. ELEC825 makes the process easier by reimbursing members employed by our participating union contractors for the cost of the credentials. The simplest way to process your reimbursement is to submit for reimbursement through the Local 825 Member Portal.

NOTE: The Local 825 Member system displays best on desktop computers. If you are experiencing issues on your smartphone, we suggest switching to a desktop or laptop computer when logging in to the member system.

If you prefer, you may also Fax your reimbursement request. Submit a copy of your new license or credential along with your proof-of-payment receipt and Fax to 973-630-1013.

If you have problems, contact ELEC825.

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