Businesses Relocate to States with Good Infrastructure. It's Time to Fix New Jersey's.

When a company considers building a new facility, they look at the infrastructure leading to their planned facility–how easy is it for workers to get to and from work and how easy is it to get materials and get finished goods to market?

While other states are investing heavily in their infrastructure–to build better roads and bridges, New Jersey is falling behind. And we're at the point where the Transportation Trust Fund, the primary source of infrastructure funding for projects throughout the state, is about to run dry. How can we expect businesses to invest in New Jersey if New Jersey won't invest in New Jersey?

It's time to find a long-term solution to the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) and dedicate those funds to capital improvements. New Jersey's economic future depends on it.

ELEC supports a long-term, robust Transportation Trust Fund dedicated to capital improvements.

Who is ELEC
ELEC is the Engineers Labor-Employer Cooperative, a unique collaboration between labor and employers pursuing the same goal–economic development and infrastructure improvements that spur the regional economy and job growth, not just for the construction trades but for everyone that lives and works in the region.

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