Maintaining a credentialed workforce
When contractors need to begin work, they don't want to wait for engineers to apply for licenses or security clearances. They want to begin work immediately.

Yet it is expensive to maintain costly licenses and credentials, especially during periods of unemployment.

ELEC825 helps Local 825 members who work for participating employers by defraying the cost of these security clearances. That way, employers can be assured that our Operating Engineers are already credentialed and can begin work on a moment's notice.

Here are the credentials that ELEC825 encourages Operating Engineers to obtain.

  • SWAC -- The Secure Worker Access Consortium.

  • TWIC -- The Transportation Worker Identification Credential, required by the Maritime Transportation Security Administration.

  • Delaware Valley Safety Card, aka the South Jersey Chemical Card.

Other Licenses -- The ELEC825 Trust Fund will also reimburse members who are employed by participating employers for specified professional licenses, such as the Commercial Crane Operators (CCO) license in New Jersey and New York if the member has completed OECP training.

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