Success Stories

Transportation Trust Fund (TTF)

Perhaps the most important issue to our union contractors and members of Local 825 was a funding solution for the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF). In recognition of its importance, ELEC825 tackled the issue and took a leadership role in using social media to advocate for a long-term solution to maintain TTF funding.

LCOR Hoboken Rail Yards Redevelopment Plan and Conditional Developer Designation

ELEC825 continues to work closely with developer LCOR, NJ Transit, NAIOP, Local 825 and other building trades leaders to support the 2.3 million square-foot mixed-use development plan for Hoboken and the surrounding region. This project is a “win-win” for all concerned and is destined to become an economic engine for the region and the state.

Tappan-Zee Bridge

Along with Local 825, ELEC825 was one of the early members of “Build the Bridge Now,” a New York coalition that advocated for the replacement of the Tappan Zee Bridge with a new Hudson River crossing. The coalition consisted of major employers, transportation professionals, civil engineers, and labor organizations representing more than 300,000 employees and 15,000 employer organizations throughout New York State.

Comprehensive Tax Reform

The NJTTF renewal package of bills was the broadest-based tax cut in New Jersey history, providing tax cuts to seniors, veterans and working families. It ended the “death tax” and reduced the sales tax. ELEC825 advocated for this tax-fairness reform to ensure that while revenues for the TTF were increased, the state’s economy and residents would not suffer.

Robert Barr Appointment to Pinelands Commission

ELEC825 supports appointing commissioners who understand the delicate balance between protecting our environment and responsible development. Robert Barr was one such appointee who we supported.

Economic Opportunity Acts

ELEC825 fully supports legislation that creates a business-friendly climate by providing tax incentives for companies to set up shop in New Jersey, or prevent existing companies from leaving. These incentives spurred major construction projects, creating jobs for our tradesmen and tradeswomen as well as other permanent jobs.

Millenium Projects – ESU and Valley Latteral

As a steering committee member for New Yorkers for Affordable Energy, ELEC825 participated in advocacy that lead to two pipeline projects in New York’s Hudson Valley. These will provide much-needed access to affordable and reliable energy for their region of New York State.

Permit extension

ELEC825 supported Senate bill 2551, which decreases paper work, cuts red tape and lowers costs incurred during the permitting and approval process. These changes allow developers to avoid project delays by avoiding the need to re-attain permits that were previously granted.

Water Infrastrucutre Protection Act (WIPA)

ELEC825 advocated for the Water Infrastructure Protection Act that was signed into law by Gov. Chris Christie in 2015. The law was intended to help protect the state’s drinking water, result in more than $100 million of water infrastructure upgrades, and create thousands of jobs over a period of years.

Water Quality Accountability Act (WQAA) of 2017

ELEC825 also lobbied persistently for the passage of the Water Quality Accountability Act. This legislation was designed to protect New Jersey’s water supply from contaminants due to negligence, mismanagement, and cyber attacks. An added benefit to many of the upgrades required by both laws is that they will continue to provide good construction work for our contractors and operating engineers.

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