Market Recovery Program Grant Process & Legal Requirements

The following steps must be taken to apply for a Market Recovery Program (MRP) grant.

Step 1 

The contractor identifies the project that meets the MRP criteria and notifies Kate Gibbs at ELEC825. Kate Gibbs will connect contactor with appropriate Local 825 Business Agent.

Step 2

Local 825 Business Agent submits an online application for the project on behalf of the contractor through the E-file system.

Step 3

The Local 825 Business Manager reviews the project for MRP grant and either approves or rejects it. If approved, ELEC825 verifies whether the contractor is in good standing and, if so, approves the grant amount.

Step 4

If approved, ELEC825 sends a formal Notice of Approval to the contractor and notifies the appropriate requesting business agent.

Step 5

Contractors are obligated to notify ELEC825 regarding bid-outcome within 10 days of bid decision, whether successful or not.

Step 6

Once the contractor’s notice has been received, ELEC825 will send a Letter of Commitment and Subsidiary Agreement to the contractor and business agent.

Step 7

The contractor must sign and return the subsidiary agreement to ELEC825 within 10 business days.

Step 8

Payment will be made following completion of the project. Arrangements will be made between ELEC825 and the contractor. Contractor will be responsible for sending weekly hour reports related to the project to Kate Gibbs.

Legal Requirements

ELEC825 will consider awarding grants based on the size and nature of the project. In order to target those markets and industries which currently face underrepresentation of union construction, qualifying projects will be limited to certain jurisdictions. These include but are not limited to, stand-alone retail, plaza and mixed-use/lifestyle centers, retirement or assisted living/nursing homes, warehouses, car dealerships, and other smaller single or multi-use residential commercial and retail developments. Public projects and/or projects subject to prevailing wage or PLAs are not eligible for subsidies.

No grant funds will be dispersed from ELEC825 to any contractor unless the funds office can verify that the contractor is in good standing with all payments upon completion of the project for which a grant has been approved, including but not limited to the project receiving grant funds. The contractor is responsible for sending weekly reports of member hours to aid in the verification process. These should be emailed to Kate Gibbs.

Any approval of a grant pursuant to an application is subject to a confidentiality agreement between ELEC825 and the requesting employer. Grants and the amount of grants should not be disclosed by the requesting employer to any other person or entity without the prior written authorization of ELEC825. Such confidentiality agreement remains in effect from the date of the application through the final payment (if any) of a subsidy to the employer.

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