Marketing Activities

To achieve our objectives, ELEC focuses on six categories of marketing activity.

In addition to reimbursing Local 825 members for key construction licenses and security clearances, Local 825 invests in continuous training of its workforce members to ensure their proficiency with the latest equipment and operations technology.

Perhaps the most important issue to our union contractors and members of Local 825 is a funding solution for the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF). In recognition of its importance, ELEC is engaged on several fronts in collaboration with IUOE Local 825 and our contractor association partners.

ELEC maintains a continuous social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, directing messages to people interested in politics, public policy, economic development, commercial real estate, and infrastructure/transportation.

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ELEC works actively in Trenton, Albany, and Washington DC to develop and promote legislation that benefits our members, families and communities.

We monitor legislative activity and serve as an advocate with members of government, government agencies and the public to advance our goals.

We promote union built development projects, support construction-friendly legislation in Trenton and Albany, and we communicate how infrastructure is vital to the region’s economy.

Issues that ELEC has successfully lobbied for

We partner with business and trade organizations and meet with local officials throughout state and county governments. This often alerts us to development projects before they are announced. This enables us to become familiar with the issues and to offer professional support to the project owner or contractor.

An ongoing marketing campaign informs key audiences of our interests and achievements. Marketing activities are also used to garner support for our initiatives.

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