Developer Benefits

Affiliation with union contractors and operating engineers increase productivity and profitability

Skills + Experience + Safety = Productivity.
Local 825 Operating Engineers continually invest in workforce credentialing and training that ensure greater skills, a superb record of safety. This ensures that the work is performed to the highest standards the first time, that costly re-work is unnecessary and that your bottom line cost and profitability are more predictable.

Prevailing wage, Contractor Registration and PLAs
We all know that low-bids don’t always result in the lowest cost.  Sometimes a low bid is the result of inferior work, incorrect bids and less-skilled workers.

To protect public and worker safety, and to level the playing field with all bidders on a project, the government requires checks to ensure a standard of quality workmanship. 

These requirements come in the form of Prevailing wage laws, Contractor Registration requirements and Project Labor Agreements.

Professional Services
ELEC has a qualified team of legal, communications, government affairs, and business development professionals at your disposal to help you grow your business.

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